Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Lazy days in Sydney

Well i'm making most of the sleep that I won't be getting for the best part of the next year. I imagine i'll be down to my usual five hours by...well Monday let's face it! And it's been really great not doing very much at all. Yesterday I spent the best part of my day sat at Darling Harbour watching the world (and boats) go by and finishing off The God Delusion ( I would recommend it to everyone - the religious, the atheists and the downright confused - it is the most enlightening piece of work i've ever read!). I had a wander around the city then headed up to the botanical gardens where I chilled out and read some more. I've realised how much I miss reading - I just don't get the time anymore and I spend great chunks of my day proofreading so I'm usually done with reading by the time I get home at night. I remember spending hours reading as a kid and it's great to have time to sit and bookworm again!

I've really fallen for Australia and especially Sydney (I felt remarkably at home when I woke to the pitter patter of torrential rain yesterday morning but thankfully it cleared up!). Some of the little things i've noticed about Aus:

1. The buses are powered by natural gas. Why do we still have manky, smoky beasts in London?
2. Every toilet has a short and long flush. Ok so a bit of a weird observation but in today's world where water is scarce it's important...oh and they recycle EVERYTHING - listen and learn Wandsworth Council!
3. Pavements are three times the width of those in London. As a major city, Sydney feels positively empty compared to the claustrophobic chaos of London.
4. It's clean, modern and easy to get around. Ok well let's be fair to London - it does have history and it was bombed extensively in the blitz but it is quite refreshing to be in a modern city where the roads are in a logical grid so you can get around easily.
5. It has a skyrail. Just cool.
6. The men have suntans. Need I say more.
7. Flat white coffees are the best. Charlotte, I now completely understand your disappointment with the coffee situation in London!
8. The girl's are seriously fiesty. Which gives us Brits a better chance.
9. The Aussies can play cricket. I have become French overnight because every time I say i'm English I get 4-nil (or is 5-nil now??) rubbed in my face.
10. It's warm yey!

Today i'm off shopping to buy jeans. I noticed my beloved pair that i wear to work have a rather endearing hole on my right butt cheek where they have worn through - gutted!

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