Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Drinks in Darling harbour!

My hunt for jeans turned out to be relatively successful. I am the proud owner of Levi's, which although fit well, are not as good as my beloved 35 quid jeans from Sisley. I'm still a flare (not quite 70's flare) girl at heart and these days they are so hard to find because everyone is obsessed with 'skinny' jeans which in turn make you look 'fat' if you haven't got the legs of a stick insect. Anyhoo, I am now decent when i go to work on Monday...although i may resort to patches to resurrect my old pair.

I get deeply attached to certain items of clothing and it hurts to get rid of them. I am currently in denial about my flip flops - a pair of Reefs i bought four years ago that i have literally worn to the ground so that my big toe on my left foot now touches the ground as I walk. I have had a look round at replacing them but they have travelled the world with me - from the sands of Whitehaven beach, the red mud of Laos and the camps on the Inca trail - so I have a certain emotional attachment to them. They may have to be framed!

As I was wandering around Sydney shopping I suddenly heard my name called and guess what....yep, Wayne was stood right there! I had managed to bump into Wayne hours before we were due to meet which was very random indeed - although admittedly I have had similar things happen in London. We caught up briefly but he had to meet Lid (his missus) for lunch so we met up properly as planned in Darling Harbour for a few drinks. Over a few schooners of Asahi we went over old times and put the world to rights (the distinct lack of shops that sell Reef flipflops in Sydney being one of the main topics - he is another ardent wearer!). It was great seeing him. It's been six years. Poor bugger is getting married in seven weeks time hehe! I can't believe it's been 10 years since I met him. Life goes far too quickly!

Lid met us at the bar and we grabbed some nosh before heading to the cinema to see Borat - I've been wanting to see it since it came out but everyone at home had already seen it. Thankfully, Aus being a bit behind in the times, it had only recently been released here so Lid and Wayne hadn't seen it. What a great movie. Such a laugh.

Tonight i'm catching up with Lid and Wayne again for dinner. In the mean time the search for Reefs goes on!


  1. Hey stinky! Glad to see you're enjoying it all! Shame about the crappy weather at the Whitsundays, but at least you got in some good sailing. We hoisted the sails on the boat I was on and we hit a positively comatose two knots until we gave up and fired up the engines!

    I was treated to some aussie rain which whups biritsh rain. The streets of Brisbane were over a foot deep. What's interesting is that the Aussies are happy when it rains since they've been suffering from the worst drought in recent history.

    Anyhoo... take it easy over there, and have a good trip home. Don't forget to go for a massage or jacuzzi session at Singapore airport if you stop there and have the time.

    Loads of love,

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