Friday, 3 November 2006

New York New York!

I'm addicted to Virgin Atlantic! Their entertainment system is second to none. Everyone has their own handset and can choose the films they want to watch from a choice of 50. Watched more films yesterday than I have in years! Had a pretty uneventful trip although the plane was filled to the brim with marathon runners and their supporters so there was a pretty good 'camaraderie' atmos going on.

It took me three hours to get from JFK airport to my hostel though. After navigating customs which took about an hour, I then spent an hour in New York traffic. I met a guy called Raf who's also running on Sunday and we shared a taxi which made the laborious journey, less so! Our taxi got stopped by a miniature policewoman with attitude who gave our taxi driver a fine for turning badly - I didn't even notice that he'd done anything wrong!

Next up, I somehow managed to walk 6 blocks in the wrong direction from where I got out of the taxi. I didn't realised that there was a West and East 45th Street ooops! Anyhoo I made it to the hostel and it's fab. Bit tatty as hostels tend to be but immaculately clean.

Last night I met Raf at Times Square and we went for dinner in a small Japanese place. It's always great to find someone to hook up with when you're travelling on your own.

First impressions of New York are that people are super-friendly - even the customs officer had a laugh and a joke with me. And there are yellow cabs and steaming sewers everywhere just like in the movies!

Today I'm off to wait in more queues to go to the Empire State Building / cruise - I haven't decided which yet - will decide over brekkie!

Best dash.

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