Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A windy day in Cape Town

It was a blustery day when Amrita and I decided to head down to the Victoria and Alfred (yep Alfred not Albert) waterfront – the tourist hub of Cape Town. The waterfront is awash with stylish bars, restaurants, gift shops and diamond jewellers; there are elegant boats in the marina and an energetic vibe all about. We wandered around, soaking up the sun and being blown around by the wind before deciding to do the open-top bus tour.

Unfortunately, Table Mountain wasn’t accessible due to the wind but the rest of the tour was doable. The bus took us through the heart of Cape Town and pointed out the key sights including controversial District 6 – a veritable wasteland close to the city centre where a township was forcibly cleared 20-odd years ago. Controversy surrounding the township clearance has left this large area of the city to form into grassy wasteland as no one wishes to re-populate it.

From the town centre the bus continued its journey to the base of Table Mountain then on to the stunning beaches and exclusive housing of Camps Bay and Clifton. Finally, we passed the football stadium, which was in the process of being built for the World Cup 2010 beafore heading back into town. Here, Amrita and I took advantage of Harrie’s Pancake House – a treasure trove of a café serving up luscious sweet and savoury pancakes.

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