Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Booze cruising on the Zambezi

$45 USD for all you can eat and drink in the two hours from when the boat casts off from the pontoon to when it moors once again. There really isn’t much more to be said! It was a time to let our hair down and enjoy more than a few drinks as the boat cruised by hippos and crocs.

The poor barman didn’t stop for two hours as drink after drink were ordered, then attempted to be taken off board, only to be confiscated.. Inevitably, by the time we got back in the minibus to Grubby’s we were all pretty high spirited to the point where the two German girls who’d previously said they’d join us for drinks had a sudden change of heart. I have a feeling this may have had something to do with Jolie groping both Carmela’s (fake!) and Claire’s (real) boobs whilst giving a running commentary as to the firmness of each.

Back at Gtubby’s the drinking (and drink spillages J ) continued. At one point Nat went to bed and then, quite suddenly the bar emptied. I headed down to the tent area only to be pounced on by Jolie, naked but for a her G-string. Struggling was of little use as she whipped off my dress. Someone yelled ‘skinny dipping’ and a bunch of naked bodies emerged and ran towards the pool. I ended up in there too in nothing but my pants.

At this point someone discovered that Claire and Nat were asleep in a tent together. Gaz issued the war cry of ‘Balls on Claire’ and six slimy, wet, naked bodies piled into the tent on top of Nat and Claire. Amazingly, Nat managed to sleep through having three soggy pairs of balls and boobs writhe on top of him but Claire was less lucky and was awake through the whole episode.

We emerged from the tent and then the tent was dismantled whilst Claire and Nat were still inside. They lay there motionless for ages (I guess from shock) and then Ravi and I felt guilty and put the tent up again.

Just one of the lighter moments of the trip!

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