Monday, 2 November 2009

A soggy Tanzanian welcome

Our new driver is an English guy named Tim. We also have a new truck with Dipsy the Teletubbie as our mascot. We were warned that the ride on the Tanzanian side of the border would be rough as the authorities had dug up 97km of road and had yet to re-lay it. This coupled with torrential rains which appeared out of nowhere as we processed our visas made for the toughest day of driving yet. The new truck is laid out in such a way that everyone sits sideways with two seats facing forwards at the back. The road was so rough that the boys were taking it in turns to sit at the back of the truck where they could be thrown a good foot in the air everytime we hit a particularly deep pothole/crater in the road. Everyone was glad to see the welcome sign for the Snake Park (and yes…it housed an entire collection of snakes and crocs) where we were to spend the night.

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