Wednesday, 3 August 2005

the tale of the angry gecko

Geckos certainly don't come across as particulary agressive creatures. Lethargic maybe; viscious man eaters, most definitely not. I have, however, discovered another side to these sticky-footed fellows. Admittedly, it was my fault. I could also blame Beer Lao for the role it played in events. To cut to the chase I - only mildly intoxicated - decided, on Shane's discovery of a giant, well-fed foot-long Gecko, that it would be a great idea to get intimate with nature and grab it. In one swift move, said gecko had attached its razor sharp teeth to my knuckle. Yes it drew blood. Yes it hurt. And yes said gecko took flight as I struggled to free myself from its clutches.

All said and done I now declare myself to be of monumental twit status, a true member of the 'dipstick' clan alongside fellow member - the Balinese sun hat wearer on the underground.

And yes I do question my natural hair colour on a regular basis!

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