Thursday, 7 July 2005

terrorism is unnecessary

It is choatic down Khao San way. People are trying desperately to get into contact with loved ones back in London after the terrorist attacks and everyone is glued to the tvs in all the bars. Thankfully there were a couple of friendly Brits around for hugs when I first saw the news.

Trying to get in contact with people has been a nightmare because the phone lines are down and the not knowing and disorientation of being in another country when crap like this occurs is really unnerving. Thankfully, everyone I know seems to be ok from what I gather through the friends I've managed to get in contact with. I've yet to hear directly from my boyfriend, but I've heard he is ok.

Watching the news, all my haunts in London are affected. I live on Edgeware road, I use the Picadilly line on a daily basis, if I stay at my boyfriend's house, I use the Victoria line and I work in central London quite a few days of the week.

Well Al Quaeda have certainly got their message across. Olympics 2012 here they come. Think I might be planning a holiday around then.

More on terrorism when I can think straight. My thoughts go out to those affected today.

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