Monday, 11 July 2005

If my brother is getting old, then I must be ancient!

Happy Birthday shout out to my younger brother. Makes me feel really old!! Just think, people will be expecting me to get all responsible and married with rugrats depressing! (don't panic Matt...not any time in the foreseeable future :) )

Having spent a night out with a few of Laos' expat community, I have come to realise just how awful life can be in London. Why stay in London when you can work out here in the sun, have sun downers each night by the river after work, then head to a fabulous house on the outskirts of town in an air conditioned 4x4? Sat by the river for three hours yesterday evening getting to know the local resident falangs and I am now seething with jealousy at their lifestyle. Give me a decent job with a reasonable wage and I most certainly won't be coming home! (Only downer are the rock concerts- Rock Sunday was dire)

I am slowly growing to love the city of Vientiane which is so down-rated in the Rough Guide. Rough Guide authors please keep slating it because that way the larger-lout, slightly smelly, dread-locked backpackers will stay away. As I have said previously, it is more town than city. The handful of modern high-tech buildings (MRC being one) are but islands amongst the local wooden houses. The dirt roads turn to bright red rivers of mud when the rains hit (always fun whilst wearing cream combats and flipflops) but the locals merely put up umbrellas and continue riding their motor bikes one handed.

The local people are really friendly. My only issue being the lack of comprehension when it comes to, what I previously considered was, the universal sign for food (finger tips together and hand moved back and front in front of mouth). I'm not sure how this sign relates to the notion 'Could you direct me to the river please' but that's where I tend to get sent when I ask if somewhere sells food. After, a full mime of food going in the mouth, chewing then rubbing of belly (to the great amusement of locals), I discovered that the word I word I was looking to use was 'ahan'. After serious starvation concerns, I can now eat to my heart's content.

Just a short blog this one. I begun my first day at work at the MRC today. I have A LOT of work that I'm expected to do i.e re-design an entire CDROM in four weeks using software I have never used before. It'll be a challenge to say the least. I'm also working late in the evenings on my dissertation...oh the fun of it!! :)

must dash...the stomach is rumbling....ahan here I come

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