Monday, 22 February 2010


Delhi is a place that everyone in the world should experience at least once in their lives, even if just for a day. No description, photo or film can do it justice; you need to experience the city with every one of your senses. Only by walking through the streets of Old Delhi can you truly absorb the cacophony of sound, the myriad of scents and the innumerable mind-boggling sights. Only here can you savour the fantastic flavours of food with a thick aftertaste of polluted air, and only by getting lost in the narrow alleyways, caught up in religious processions, nearly mowed down by rickshaws or reached out to by lame old men who pull themselves about on wooden carts can you really feel the city that pulsates with the anguish, joy, suffering and celebration of 14 million people and a thousand cultures.

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