Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The place with the unpronounceable name

Oudtshoorn – pronounced something like ao-ud-stern – was our next stop on the road trip. Home to numerous ostrich farms, a place where you can swim with crocs, large limestone caves and a rather pathetic waterfall, we thought we’d pay it a visit.

The Cango caves were beautiful – well as beautiful as a limestone cave can get I guess! We opted for the standard tour rather than the ‘adventurous’ tour which required a great deal of wriggling through very small crevices in the rock. Looking around at all the middle/third-age persons with whom we doing the tour, it became blindingly obvious that Amrita and I were in fact ‘nanas’ for having opted to visit caves at all. Nevertheless, from a nana’s perspective, they were caves worth seeing!

After the cave visit we decided to check out the waterfall that postcards boasted as spectacular. We headed back down the road we'd come before turning off onto shale. This was Horrid Henry’s first attempt at offroading and he managed it with style…albeit at about 20km/hr. A good 40-minute drive, entrance fee and short walk later and we arrived at what can only be described as a miserable dribble drooling over the rocks. The pools where people on postcards frolicked against the backdrop of a fast flowing waterfall were now sat idle and stagnant. In fact, he whole area felt a little unloved. A brief photo of a place that neither of us is likely to see again and it was back in the car for 40 minutes of juddering back down to the main road.

That evening we ate at a small place on the main road through town called Nostalgie – a fantastic boutique café that served up hearty grub at rock bottom prices. We had a fantastic meal with wine for under £5 each. Definitely a recommended pitstop if you are ever in the area!

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