Saturday, 23 January 2010

A love for signs

Something I noticed whilst in Hong Kong is the Chinese love for signs. Wherever you are, you are constantly being pelted psychologically with a battery of signs. Rules and regulations dominate every moment of people’s lives. On boarding the boat to Lan Tau Island a loudspeaker listed just a few rules for the 30 minute trip:

Do not put your feet on the seats

Do not sit across more than one seat

Do not put luggage on the seat next to you

Do not smoke

Drinking alcohol is strictly banned

Do not speak too loudly, you may disturb others

Gambling on board is most definitely not permitted

Do not play with the life jackets

Take care not to leave any of your belongings behind

Be sure to have a safe and pleasant trip

At the zoo next to the predictable ‘do not feed the animals’ sign were also signs saying:

‘Spitting is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be prosecuted’


‘No releasing of fish or terrapin into the pond’

You have to wonder!

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