Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The legendary Grubby

We left Lusaka early the following morning to head to the infamous Grubby’s Grotto in Livingstone. Whilst Grubby is probably younger than he looks, first impressions suggest an ageing Kiwi with excessive facial hair, an overzealous appreciation of booze and a reputation of saying what he thinks with little regard for the sensitivities of his guests. Grubby’s colonial abode is also home to various other waifs and strays who come and go and keep him company at the bar.

In Livingstone you say you’re staying at Grubby’s and everyone knows who he is and where his ‘grotto’ is. We camped in the gardens and had access to hot showers and a decent sized swimming pool complete with resident water scorpions (basically, weird scorpion looking creatures that swim!). From Grubby’s it was a short walk into town and the delights of Wonderbake and half decent internet cafes.
We were here for five days so we had ample opportunity to make the most of Livingstone, nearby Victoria Falls and an entire suite of adventure activities (most of them either set up or owned by Grubby himself).

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