Saturday, 21 November 2009

Politics: T.I.A.

Malawi has no diesel. There just aren’t any supplies in the country and Tim is phoning ahead to his contacts to try and get enough put aside for us to be able to make it into Zambia. You’d think that the lack of supplies would have something to do with a lack of funds to purchase diesel…but no…it’s because Malawi has sold its supply of diesel on to Zimbabwe in a misguided attempt to make money.

At least 147,000 people may need food aid this year say the paper’s headlines. What they don’t mention is that Malawi sold its surplus corn supplies to Zimbabwe and Zambia.

And where does the money made from these sales go: a new private jet purchased by the president ‘for the country’

(Source: Tim…so not necessarily 100% accurate and yet somehow 100% believable) T.I.A.

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