Monday, 9 November 2009

The Kituo Chaelimu education centre

Behind the health clinic is the Kituo Chaelimu education centre. Built out of circular, red concrete huts that mimic a masai village, the education consists of various classrooms, a large computer room and a library. We were shown around by the nursery teacher and the children treated us to a rendition of Lion King’s A Kuna Matata.

I found out that the centre was built by Nottingham University – my undergrad uni – so it was of special interest to me. The children arrive from miles around to learn and are give porridge for breakfast as many of them don’t get breakfast at home. The classroom we saw was well kitted out with the children’s work displayed across the walls.

The library has an extensive array of books that have been donated from around the world. Among them were copies of the Avantage series of French text books, encyclopaedias, GCSE text books and a host of donated fiction books.

In the computer room a class was in full swing. Again, all the computers had been donated. The classroom had around 30 computers all set up in rows behind which students were busy typing away.

It was touching to see such a fantastic set up and when I asked the nursery teacher whether they needed or wanted people who could teach English she nodded enthusiastically and said they always need people who can teach English.

The centre really touched my heart and got me thinking that I might come back next year for a few weeks to teach, bringing with me some supplies for both the medical and educational centre…but I guess I’ll just have to see where the world takes me between now and then!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the centre the contact details are as follows:

Kituo Chaelimu, Meserani, P.O. Box 15707, Arusha, Tanzania

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