Thursday, 4 January 2007

A sad farewell!

After an amazing three weeks away, work is the furthest thing from my mind and the thought of heading back to work on Monday morning frankly fills me with dread! Yesterday I had another lazy day. Spent my day wandering around the shops then I headed to Hyde Park and back to the botanical gardens. I saw a whole heap of massive fruit bats arguing amongst themselves as they hung in the trees then spotted a few hundred jellies in the harbour - nice! After much ado I managed to get a ferry across to Milsson's Point - the ferry was delayed and it took me an hour to get across (I won't mention my bad luck when it comes to boats). Anyhoo, it served me right for being too lazy to cross the bridge by foot for the third time.

I met up with Wayne and his ex-work mate Frank ( think big, think Greek) who was lovely. Lid joined us after a while and we ended up in big debates over religion (or lack of). Three atheists and Lid (in the midst of organising a big fat Catholic wedding) - I felt a bit sorry for her in all honesty! For once I wasn't the most vocal.

We had dinner and a few more drinks then I headed back to my hostel. Today i'm hopefully catching up with Wayne over coffee to say goodbye and I may catch up with Justin at the airport hopefully without his rubber gloves (he's a customs officer).

Well i'll be seeing you or speaking to you all soon hopefully - just got an epic 23 hour journey until then. Tata.

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