Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Mozzie meat!

After a thirty hour trip door-to-door, I finally made it to Brisbane feeling remarkably fresh-faced. My trip from Bangkok ran the risk of being a disaster having been sat next to an 8-month old potential screamer. Thankfully the child was well trained and fell asleep with only a minor whimper.

Met up with Colin at the airport and his first words to me was a complaint about the Parking Nazis there – he and my father are so alike!

Dropped my kit off at the Scobbie household and met Steph's other half Paul who was dead friendly. Headed down to the art college where Colin works and had a wonder around southbank. I then had the chance to grab a couple of bikinis whilst Colin went to a meeting - i am now almost prepared for Christmas by the sea.

Last night Steph and Paul prepared dinner. We had a typical aussie bbq on the balcony with home made chips thanks to Paul. Watched the sun set across the stunning backdrop of the Brisbane skyline.

Today Colin and I took the citycat boat upriver to the city and had a wander round. Had coffee in the main shopping district and came across some amazing gymnasts/clowns in mid performance. They were hugely entertaining. I'm amazed just how clean Brisbane is. Compared to the grey smoggy and aged look of London, Brisbane is refreshingly clean, tidy and modern looking.

Met Alison for lunch and a few aussie bears at the Regatta bar up river then headed back down river to the house.

Tonight I think Alison and I are having a girlie night in with a vid then tomorrow Kerrie and I are heading north to Australia zoo then on to Maroochydore. Kerrie very kindly offered to drive me up there as she was heading north anyway. I'll be catching up with my uncle tomorrow afternoon but I haven't seen him since I was 12 so fingers crossed I'll recognise him!

I'm pretty gutted that within 12 hours I have been anialated by mozzies. I have at least six massive bites. I must have good blood!

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