Monday, 25 December 2006

Crimbo in the sun

What a fab Christmas day! Had a lie-in after the alcohol fuelled Christmas Eve (sorry mum n dad for the phone call :))before heading down to the lagoon with a bottle of bubbly. I managed to shake off John - a german guy who'd been following me around like a bad smell since the day before and who'd decided he would like to share my bubbly - and headed down on my own as planned.

Laying by the lagoon i popped my bottle and chilled out on the grass for about an hour until a rather burly lifeguard moved me on saying no alcohol was not allowed by the lagoon. I felt like a naughty school girl - I packed my stuff and headed off. I moved to the beach where i was free to chill with as much alcohol as i desired and dozed in the sun for a few more hours.

Around three i decided i was hungry and set off in search of food. Unfotunately, despite there being hundreds of hungry backpackers around, the whole town had shut down bar Domino's pizza which was doing a roaring trade. I got lucky and found a fish and chip shop open so i tucked into grilled Barramundi and chips!

In the evening I met up with Rachel who was one of my roommates and she introduced me to a multinational bunch of guys she'd been hanging out with. We ventured out for dinner and guess what - yep, we had Domino's pizza! The Koalas Resort where we are staying was the only place open. There was a party by the pool so we chilled out there with a few beers. I cut my evening short as i knew i had to be up early to head out to the Whitsundays.

Unfortunately, my early night was a bit of a waste in the end. Sat by the marina in the morning, an hour passed and no one appeared to pick us up for our three day-two night trip on 'The Card'. After an hour and a half the skipper showed up and told us the trip was cancelled because his deck hand had to go to hospital with a bladder infection (or could that be alcohol poisoning??). We were all gutted. Thankfully i had a bit of flexibility in my timing so i've managed to get on to an almost identical boat doing the same trp for the same price tomorrow. I've also got a free night's accomodation which is good.

After sorting stuff out for tomorrow, I spent the avo on the beach again chilling in the sun. This trip has been very good for me - no work just complete chilling out. The last time i did that was in Peru two years ago.

Instead of working 14 hour days to avoid stuff, I've spent time thinking and have managed to come to terms with everything that has happened over the last few months. I feel far more positive about things now.

It has also got me thinking about travelling - my feet are as itchy as ever and i'm uber jelous of all the people I keep meeting who are travelling for months or even years.I'm not looking forward to returning to London and work :(

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  1. Hi Em,You're making me envious of your travels! Like you, I would like to do more, fancy reaching the age of 58 and not having had a gap year! Time to redress this. Must persuade dad to set off into the wild blue yonder for a few months!

    Love, mum