Tuesday, 5 July 2005

A plea to aggressive drunken Irish men

I don't know why it is, but I always seem to attract un-due attention from drunken, politically motivated Irish men. I must point out I also have my fair share of Irish friends who resist conversations on Irish politics within social situations. I am talking about complete strangers, normally drunk, who decide to blame me for the starvation of millions of Irish men and women after the British invaded and use me as the springboard to voice their distaste towards the British populace.

Last night was one of those situations. My newly found Irish friends had to protect me from the voracious political rants of a particularly feisty Irish man. There was also the situation on a bus in London when I was verbally insulted by a drunken Irish man on the misdemeanors of the English.

May I take this opportunity to point out a few things:

1. Firstly I am FRENCH not English. I have a French birth certificate and I am quite proudly French. That makes me a EUROPEAN CITIZEN and part of the same European community as the Irish.

2. I am a Jersey resident. As a tiny isle we too have had our fair share of invasions most notably by the French and the English, and most recently by the Germans in the Second World War. Just as the Irish suffered at the hands of the Brits, so too did the Jersey populace suffer at the hands of the Nazis with many being sent to concentration camps to be executed. Churchill too, wasn't exactly very supportive and did little to help Jersey out.

3. This is a point for my Irish insulter in London. It is a minor point, but if you hate the English so much, why have you chosen to reside in the capital city of England?

4. I too am distressed by the historic antics of the English but there is not much I personally can do about history. It is only possible to change the future and with so much anger bubbling inside certain members of the Irish community, I can only see it as detrimental to the progress of change and to the development of a successful relationship between the British and the Irish. You can yell and shout about the plight of the Irish in years gone by, but what do you hope to achieve other than upsetting me? I am not a bad person, I have done nothing to any member of the Irish community so this is a plea to all drunken Irish men with political axes to wield....please leave me alone!


  1. Hi Hon,
    Glad to see that the ranting goes on!
    Hope you are sans hangover and managing to get your sightseeing in (btw I find it hard to beleive that Irish men were leading you astray, rather than the other way round!)
    I'm back in grey Blighty; Barca was fantastic... but the journey back (sleazyJet has a lot to answer for) and crap weather has undone all the good!
    Anyway, take care and I'll see you soon.
    Robin x

  2. Hi Robin

    Glad to hear the Barcelona was fun. Issues with sleazyjet are not suprising...unfortunately Thai Airways don't go Spain or i'd have recommended them! Bet you didn't get flowers in the onboard loos on your plane :)?

    As long as i can write and think...the ranting will go on!

    Shame about the crap weather chez toi...it is sooo hot and sunny over here that i've had to come and inter-nerd to get out of the heat ;) !

    speak soon hon