Saturday, 23 July 2005

the Laughing Cow is taking over the world

On a lighter note, a minor observation I have made of similarities between countries as diverse as Morocco and Laos. Cheese in developing and generally hot countries, is very hard to find. I imagine this is because of a lack of refrigeration in such countries.

May I introduce the Laughing Cow, a synthetic attempt at cheese with an infinite shelf life, available in individually foil wrapped triangles on which a red cow possessing a sinister grin and cheese earrings stares back at you. Ask for cheese in countries across the globe and you are offered the Western delight of a single triangle of Laughing Cow cheese. (May i warn you in advance that it tastes absolutely foul in omelets). What Coca-cola has done for beverages; the Laughing Cow has done for cheese. The Laughing Cow is literally taking over the world.

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